Marxell is a brand owned by Ckevros Energy Industry Ltd founded in 2007.

We have launched our first retail shop specializing in Telephony, Electronics and Computers. Our mission is to provide technology products and solutions tailor made. Marxell will offer all the software necessary to run a modern day small size business unit. Our own brand WhyM8 will focus on hardware solutions. Among the items you will find in our shop will be Surveillance equipment, networking and cabling solutions, Smart phones, PC, Laptops and Tablets. All of which will be at affordable prices. Our strength is in the service department providing quick and reliable solutions.
Marxell is based on highly trained and specialized personal utilizing the latest technological advancements to provide excellence in both your personal and working environment.

You can visit us at 2A, Nafpaktou street, 1055 Palliouriotsa Nicosia